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Our Story

While scuba diving throughout the Caribbean, our search began for the perfect rum.  We found it in an amazing place — Belize, where they still make small batches of handcrafted rum, and where the warm breezes help the rum gently reach maturity.

Today we bring you Tiburon Rum, a special rum which has been aged and blended from a variety of barrels of varying age and character. Only the finest local ingredients are used to achieve the highest quality rum, which is re-casked by Master Blenders into Kentucky Oak Bourbon Barrels for the “second maturation” to allow the natural tannins to give the rum a rich golden color, smooth finish, and subtle hints of vanilla and oak.  An alluring spirit as exotic as Belize itself, Tiburon Rum has a taste profile that is perfect for sipping or mixing. Enjoy this special Belizean rum with family and friends.


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