Our search for the perfect rum began on a scuba diving trip around the Caribbean. With the spirit of adventure in mind we soon found the perfect place to make our handcrafted rum – Belize.

Our passion was shared by the people we met, and we made a point to embody the spirit of Belize with every sip.

Tiburon rum is a handcrafted, aged, premium rum. Our family owned distillery is near the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Belize. We offer our original dark rum, and a high proof white rum perfect for mixing.

Our rum is molasses-based and aged in bourbon barrels. The warm Belize climate gently matures the young rum so it displays the same appealling charcteristics of an older spirit.

We blend rums from a variety of barrels of different ages and characters and re-cask for a second maturation process.

This is where our rum takes on its golden color and smooth finish, with the oak barrels emphasizing tropical vanilla undertones and oaky accents.

Tiburon carries the spirits of adventure and Belize, and with a rich flavor profile perfect for sipping or mixing, Belize is just one sip away.

Drink responsibly with friends and family – cheers!